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Tell us about your ideal yard

The Natural Front Yards process starts with your general preferences, and the qualities of your yard. This is simplified into five designed plant palettes: Zen/ Meditative, Mediterranean, California Coastal, Contemporary, and Woodland garden palettes.

Natural Front Yards maintains its affordable cost by offering installments as package deals. When you contact us with your preferences, we will set up a meeting and house visit to discuss your preferences. Once we have decided to work together, and you have submitted a deposit, you will be on the schedule for installation. For more information on the process, see our blog series on it.

Zen/ Meditative Garden



This is a simple, spare and architectural style for a shady environment. It is soothing and green, but not too busy. Serene, with a zen-like feel, it is enhanced by the careful placement of rocks and potentially client-chosen art.

Mediterranean Garden



This sunny garden is vibrant with color, particularly yellow, orange, blue and purple. Some of the plant material is soft, grey or fuzzy. There will be many butterflies. Provide a bird bath and a bench for watching wildlife.

California Coastal Garden


Here is the same houses a few years later

This garden invokes images of beach shorelines with their low mounding of semi-woody shrubs. The foliage is grey and green with boulders peeking through the buff-colored ground. Lizards and butterflies abound along client collections of tumbled glass, shells, and weathered wood.

Contemporary Garden


contemporary nfy

This garden is ideal to complement an Eichler or other modern-feeling home, and may be a good foil for art. It features plants that have architectural presence.

Woodland Garden

Shade – Suitable under existing Oaks, Redwoods, Birches


If you have large, existing trees or a shady area, this style is for you. Perhaps a wandering bark path leads to a sheltered garden bench. California native plants will attract birds and butterflies, and a bird bath or bird feeder would be a welcome addition.

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