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Is Natural Front Yards right for me?

Take our compatibility test

  • I have a front yard lawn I want to replace with drought-tolerant plantings.
  • I want to replace all of my front lawn.
  • I do not have specific plants in mind.
  • I do not have strong plant allergies that need to designed around.
  • Deer or gophers do not visit my property.
  • I do not live on a slope.
  • I do not have a serious Oxalis or Bermuda Grass problem.
  • My yard does not have large trees whose roots can actively compete with new plants.

If you have checked all of the above, please fill out the interest form or give us a call to set up your consultation/bid meeting: 408-871-2792.

There are many options if you don’t qualify. EarthCare’s regular full-service design and installation is great alternative, especially if you are a person who likes to be involved with decisions and details.

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